Black History Month

Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month with Facilitator Roshaé Lowe

Roshaé Lowe, Facilitator   Why are you an educator/do you work in education? As a child, growing up, education was always presented to me as a pathway – a means to an end, a road that leads to all roads. As an adult, I still see education as a pathway -- one that allows people to connect, to learn, to grow, to grieve, to be together. I’ve come to realize that our current educational system is a reflection of our larger society. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum. And when we, adults, educators, work to confront and change the issues [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month with Brook Afework

Brook Afework, Program Operations Coordinator   Why do you work in education? I came to this country not knowing how far behind I was in my education in comparison to my peers. The educators at Seattle and Issaquah school districts took time out of their busy schedules and helped me catch up. That extra attention is what helped me to not become discouraged. I want to help students just how I was helped when I was young.   What Black educators did you look up to as a youth? Carlotta Walls LaNier, the youngest of the Little Rock Nine, is [...]

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Ideas for Teaching Self-Advocacy and Contribution in the Classroom

We believe fighting anti-blackness and speaking out against oppression of all forms deeply matters to the health of our communities and classrooms. As educators, we can create opportunities for young people to reflect on injustices, advocate for themselves, and contribute to their community for a more just world. Meaningful contributions not only help our community, but they also cultivate a sense of belonging and significance for young people. Get started or add to your current practices with a few of these suggestions:   Incorporate Community Care & Advocacy into Your Classroom Build your students advocacy skills and encourage community by [...]

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Honor Legacies by Teaching Children to Take Action & Make Contributions

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy is deeper than his famous quotes and speeches. This year, we are honoring his legacy through action. King believed that all people should be able to belong and contribute meaningfully within their communities, and that anti-blackness and oppression prohibit community care. In our individualistic world, it’s vital to cultivate opportunities for young people to meaningfully contribute to the world around them. As children build and practice self-advocacy skills, they also can tune into what their community needs and how they can support one another. Step back and allow your child to identify causes [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month with Teague Parker

  Teague Parker, Facilitator   Why are you an educator/do you work in education? Being a theatre artist brought me to the world of education! I would lead improv workshops every week through college, TA acting & playwriting classes, and soak up all the ways you could pass information. It felt to me that arts & wellness practices were not accessible to the public, so, as life continued, I became invested in bringing arts wellness practices to anybody and everybody that felt that needed them!   What Black educators did you look up to as a youth? Black artists tend [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month with Sylvia Hadnot

  Sylvia Hadnot, Facilitator and Social Media Coordinator   Why are you an educator/do you work in education? I've wanted to be a teacher since I was 5 years old. Looking back, I realize that my teachers were some of my first nurturers. I loved their love and the way it made me feel! As a perpetually curious child, I also loved learning. I remember thinking I wanted to be just like my teachers when I grew up, and now I understand that what I really want to be was love, embodied. That's what they were to me. Now I [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month with Tymmony Keegan

Tymmony Keegan, 10th Grade Humanities and Black Studies Teacher, Cleveland High School What is your current position? I am a teacher at Cleveland STEM High School in Seattle Public Schools. Previously I was a teacher at Dimmitt Middle School in the Renton School District – which had been great and I wanted new challenges. I am currently piloting a Black Studies class, which I jumped at the opportunity to teach. I also teach 10th grade Humanities. I’m a member of Cleveland’s racial equity team, building leadership team and am the social studies department chair. I started working with Sound Discipline [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month with Hani Nur

Hani Nur, Reading Interventionist and Principal Intern, Thorndyke Elementary School, Tukwila School District   What is your current role(s)? At Thorndyke Elementary in the Tukwila School District, I currently have two roles: As a Reading Interventionist, I support the entire school in Tier 2 interventions. I work to support the below grade level readers. I am also a Principal Intern, supporting the school with similar to what an Assistant Principal would do, such as behavior, expectations, data-informed practices. As an intern, I shadow and learn from our Principal through practical application and thought-provoking conversations. I have not seen enough people [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month with Ebony Pattenaude

Ebony Pattenaude, Director of Renton Innovation Zone Partnerships and Early Learning, Renton School District What is your role? I serve as the Director of Renton Innovation Zone Partnerships and Early Learning. The Renton Innovation Zone Partnership (RIZP) is four elementary Schools in the Skyway, West Hill, and Highland Sunset neighborhoods of Renton. This is my 4th year in this role and prior to that I was doing family and community engagement coordination for the Renton Innovation Zone schools as well. What brought you to your current work? Pretty much my whole career has been around education and workforce development and [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month with Damithia Nieves

Damithia Nieves (she/they), Founder of Thrive Yoga and The Mindful Mentors Project What is your current role? I am the Founder of Thrive Yoga, which will be changing to Thrive Centered. Sound Discipline has been a supporting partner for a program I created called The Mindful Mentors Project in the Tukwila School District. This is a somatic-based SEL program for local high school students who undergo an 8-week reciprocal-learning based training. The training teaches foundations of trauma informed care, contemplative embodiment practices, mindfulness, foundations of Ruler Social Emotional Curriculum, social emotional learning, storytelling and more. They then co-facilitate, with an [...]

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