Our Team


Aaron Norikane (he/him)

Alan Wong (he/him)

Brook Afework (he/him)
Program Operations Coordinator

Jen Giomi (she/her)

Jennifer N. Brown (she/her)
Director of Operations, Shared Leadership Team

Kayla Blau (she/her)

Kelsey Peronto (she/her)

Lex Gavin (they/them)

Mary Stillwell Power (she/her)
Communications and Marketing Manager

Раsе Gаrrеtt (he/him)
Database and IT Manager 

Reid Kuennen (they/them)
Facilitator and Instructional Designer

Roshaé Lowe (she/her)

Roxana Amaral (she/her)
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Shared Leadership Team

Sarah Schieron (she/her)
Development Manager

Stacy Lappin (she/her)
Director of Program, Shared Leadership Team

Sylvia Hadnot (she/them)
Facilitator and Social Media Coordinator

Teague Parker (he/him)

Zefanya Rampengan (she/her)
Operations Coordinator


Anthony Ase (he/him)

Sarah Yatsko (she/her)
Vice President

Mia Williams (she/her)

Janet Zombro (she/her)

Greg Abell (he/him)
Board Member

Stephanie Millender (she/her)
Board Member

Alan Phan (he/him)
Board Member

Stephanie Sato (she/her)
Board Member

Shared Leadership Team

Jennifer N. Brown (she/they/any)
Director of Operations

Roxana Amaral (she/her)
Director of Strategic Partnerships

Stacy Lappin (she/her)
Director of Program

BELONG Partners, in alignment with our values, is committed to equity and to sharing power. In 2023, following the departure of the Executive Director, the Board of Directors asked three staff members within the organization to serve as an interim leadership council while a collaborative board & staff work group explored leadership structures for non-profit organizations. Based on the work group’s learning and feedback from key stakeholders, BELONG Partners is pleased to continue with a shared leadership model which is aligned with our strategic plan. 

Shared leadership at BELONG Partners fosters a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives are valued and decision making is distributed among team members. This approach increases transparency, staff engagement, and allows Individuals at all levels to contribute their unique talents and ideas. By embracing shared leadership, BELONG Partners is better positioned to achieve our vision and create positive impact in the communities we serve.