Category: Setting limits

  • Right Now the Answer is “No”

    How many times have you had one of your children ask for something that he or she really wanted – and also really wanted the answer right away? If you’re like me, it felt like taking my brain and twisting it into a pretzel for a bit.

  • Consequences or Solutions?

    Solutions help children learn from their mistakes – and invite both responsibility and dignity

  • Now Listen here Young Lady !!!!!!

    Contributed by Melanie Miller, M.Ed., Certified Positive Discipline Trainer and School Counselor Back talk, eye rolling, the glare, the, “Oh mom how can you be so stupid look”…. As our children grow older, their vocabulary has grown and their words, attitude and eye rolling can dig a little deeper. The next time the disrespect comes…

  • The Rhythm of Routines

    Simple steps for setting up a routine to make your family’s morning or evening run more smoothly