Celebrate the End of the School Year with Your Kids

It’s time to celebrate ten months of packing lunches, checking homework, and ensuring your kids get out the door before the school bus or carpool leaves! In our fast-paced culture, it can be easy to forget to commemorate big moments and transitions, such as the transition from the end of the school year to summer break. Creating a ritual around the end of the school year and the start of the school year is an excellent way to build routine into your child’s educational journey. Here are a few easy ways to celebrate.

Make a Top 10 List

With so much packed into the school year, sometimes we forget all that we’ve done. Have your child reflect on their top ten favorite memories from the school year (or top five if they are younger). Record their special moments in a journal or video to return to and add to at the end of each school year. Here’s some additional ideas for creative ways to commemorate the year.

Make a Time Capsule

Collect your child’s favorite projects, drawings, and/or photos from this school year, and co-create a time capsule with them. This can be done at the end of every school year and tucked away for future reminiscing.

Thank Your Educators

Educators are working harder than ever. A simple handwritten note detailing what you are specifically thankful for about your child’s educator is heartfelt and meaningful. You can also encourage your child to create a card for their teacher, which is one of the recommendations in this article from Psychology Today.

Keep Reading with Your Child

While summer is of course a break from school, reading is a year-round activity. Start their summer reading list by taking a trip to the library. While you’re there, check to see if they are hosting a summer reading challenge with special activities and fun ways to document reading accomplishments.

You can also expect some big feelings at the end of a school year. This article from parenting.com has some good information about the factors that might to contribute to some sadness at the end of the year and how to help your children through it.

Commemorating the end of an era with rituals helps signal to the brain that we are ready for the next phase of life. After all the hard work students, parents, and educators do to make the school year successful, it’s important to take a moment and recognize all the growth and effort this school year.

Don’t forget to celebrate yourself, too! You made it through another school year!