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Previous Events

Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Free, Online Community Conversation

In partnership with Sound Discipline, CHOOSE180, The Freedom Project WA, and the documentary film Since I Been Down.

Tuesday, March 15, 12 – 2:00pm.

Registration for this event included a limited, special opportunity to view the documentary film Since I Been Down.

Our young people are possibilities to be developed, not problems to be solved. We know that incarceration alternatives make financial sense and human sense for individuals, families, and communities. And yet, despite nearly twenty years of research that validates the effectiveness of diversion programs, and other alternatives to incarceration, racist punitive approaches are having a comeback.

Nationally in our schools, Black students are three times more likely to be suspended than White students. Suspended students are nearly three times more likely to become involved with the juvenile justice system in the following year. Black students represent 31% of school arrests.

Where are the bright spots? Hear stories and strategies from change agents. Find out how you can get involved.

Speaker Bios:

  • Jimmy Hung, Chief Deputy Prosecutor of the Juvenile Division, King County Prosecutor, Sound Discipline Board Chair, CHOOSE180 Board Member
  • Sean Goode, Executive Director, CHOOSE180
  • Tonya Wilson, Reentry Outreach Coordinator, The Freedom Project WA, featured in the documentary Since I Been Down
  • DeeAnn Wells, Assistant Principal, Lakeridge Elementary School, Renton School District
  • Gilda Sheppard, Director & Executive Producer, Since I Been Down
  • Andrea John-Smith, Executive Director, Sound Discipline

“What Happened to You?” Conversations About Trauma, Resilience, & Healing

November 3, December 6, 2021 & January 11, 2022

This year, in the middle of the pandemic, Dr. Perry and Oprah Winfrey debuted a book they co-authored on trauma and the brain called What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing.

It’s such an important contribution to human health and well-being – especially in the arena of racial equity systems change — that we held three sessions with our community.



Sound Discipline Back-to-School Night

Monday, September 13, 5-6:30pm

Schools have been and still are at the crux of the pandemic. Two school years into this crisis, what have we learned and what is the opportunity? As we go back-to-school, how can we not go back to how it has always been?

Join our Founder, Dr. Jody McVittie, Board Chair Jimmy Hung, and our new Executive Director Andrea John-Smith, for an intimate conversation about the moment and the future of Sound Discipline’s work.