Debbie Symonds

Director, Governance Committee

Debbie joins the BELONG Partners Board following a 30 year career in elementary education. After receiving an MEd in special education, Debbie worked in Applied Behavior Analysis, making data driven curriculum and programming decisions in classrooms serving students with autism. As an advocate for equal access of high quality education for all students, she administered a DOE grant for functional skills training and communication skills.

As a classroom teacher Debbie received a teacher leadership grant from the Gates Foundation for full technology implementation in the classroom. This created a shift in the classroom culture and ignited a desire to further improve school climate to ensure all students have access to outstanding resources and programming.

Debbie spent the past 14 years as an elementary school administrator dedicated to impacting school culture so that every child would be known and feel respected. The school culture under her leadership was aimed at all students having a voice in community issues and a shared leadership between children and teachers both in the classroom and on campus. The staff worked together to develop a common language for problem solving and an opportunity for each child to find success using data driven curriculum decisions by meeting them where they were and moving them up from there while helping each child discover their unique gifts.