District Partnerships: Assess the Readiness of Your District

Use this checklist to discuss with your teams if your district is a good fit for this model. If you answer yes to several of the questions below, contact us and we will connect you with our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Roxana Amaral.

  • Is your district committed to creating safe, inclusive learning environments for all students?
  • Does your district prioritize being inclusive, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive to support student growth?
  • Does your district already, or are you willing to, routinely collect and analyze data on discipline and student engagement to identify patterns and develop solutions?
  • Is your district open to partnering with your families and community to foster a supportive learning environment?
  • Does your district have the capacity and willingness to invest in a 3-year partnership to ensure long term sustainability?
  • Is your district willing to make the time and financial commitment for school staff/teams to participate in beginning of the year professional development and 4 hours of regular monthly service during the 3-year collaboration?
  • Does your district have the capacity and ability to operate a remote and hybrid model?
  • Are there leaders within your district/regional community who can serve as BELONG Partners District Model coaches?