Glenda Montgomery, CPDLT


Glenda Montgomery (she/her) has had a decades-spanning career using and sharing the transformational practices of Positive Discipline. As a classroom teacher and later as a Parent Educator and Coach, Glenda’s career has been founded on practicing and teaching Positive Discipline in three countries and with diverse populations from rural to urban, affluent to under-resourced. She is a Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer (CPDLT).

After earning degrees in African History and Multicultural Education, Glenda started teaching to empower students and engage them in experiential theme-based learning. Underlying all that she does is Glenda’s desire to create a more just and equitable world.  As a teacher, she learned that Positive Discipline encouraged student voice and empowered students to take on problem-solving and planning. Glenda has lived and taught in British Columbia, New Mexico, and Brazil and currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where she worked as a parent educator for fifteen years.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

Learning and traveling are my two biggest passions. Favorite places are Portugal, Italy, Morocco, and Brazil. I have been skiing since the age of two and met my husband on a mountain in my homeland, Canada, 32 years ago. Winter still finds me skiing or snowshoeing as much as possible. Come summer, you will find me biking, hiking, or exploring new brewpubs or wineries. I get great joy from cooking and eating good food, backpacking with friends, and dancing anywhere and everywhere.

What drew you to BELONG Partners?

Being part of a team effort that helps create school environments in which every person feels that they belong and that they matter is a dream come true. I am surrounded by extraordinarily talented and passionate people and admire the holistic approach that BELONG Partners offers… it truly has the power to shift entire systems and change lives.