House Parties and Learning Circles

House Parties – Share BELONG Partners with your community

You may have noticed that BELONG Partners flies a little under the radar. Perhaps it’s because we are doing systems work and that’s not always easy to understand. Or maybe it’s because we are working to change behavior and patterns and that’s hard to quantify. Or it could just be that we haven’t come to your neighborhood and told our story. Maybe you can help change that?

Board President Jimmy Hung chats with guests at a house party.

Would you be interested in hosting a BELONG Partners house party? It’s a two-hour event that includes a 60-minute presentation. We ask hosts to invite 10 friends (with the hope that 6 guests will attend). Our Board and staff will help with the additional guests needed to speak to about a dozen folks. We also ask hosts to provide beverages and glasses, plates, flatware, and napkins for the event. BELONG Partners will provide the food and the program.

At the end of the program, we invite guests to fill out a form about how they might like to participate in the work. It could be a check. It might be signing up for a workshop or newsletter.  It might be offering to host a similar event. There is no hard sell. Our commitment to consent is a value of our work with schools and in our work in the community overall.

Our next House Party will be in West Seattle on Thursday, April 25. Contact Sarah Schieron ( if you would like more information on hosting or attending a party!

Learning Circles – A new way to engage

As an organization of facilitators, engagement in the material matters deeply to us. When is the last time you shared space with friends and strangers around an issue that matters to you? If you are fortunate to have done so, did you notice how hopeful and energized you felt after such a discussion?

That’s why BELONG Partners is offering opportunities for informal dialogue for a couple of hours with a smallish circle around an issue related to the work of BELONG Partners.

Contact Sarah Schieron ( if you would like more information on house parties or learning circles.