Jen Giomi


Jen Giomi (she/her) wears several hats professionally. As a Facilitator for BELONG Partners, she walks alongside educators and caregivers as they explore new ways to think about their children, human behavior, and discipline. With a deep commitment to trauma-informed, Positive Discipline concepts and tools, she invites educators and caregivers to see children and co-workers through a strength lens. Jen also helps people understand how human private logic and trauma influence brain development and behavior, and how to leverage strengths to improve everyone’s sense of safety, connection, and belonging in their home, classroom, workplace and beyond.

Jen has a deep background in parent education. She is also currently a full-time Parent Educator and Faculty Coordinator for the South Seattle College Cooperative Preschool Program. In this role, she works directly with parents and teachers weekly to support healthy child development and strong families and community. With the belief that parent education is professional development for the most important job, she brings the same concepts and tools to caregivers to reduce stress and increase contentment and confidence in the caregiving role for the families she works with. Jen also manages program administration, operations and supports Parent Education faculty for SSCCPP.

After graduating from the University of Washington in International Studies, Jen did a lot of traveling. She lived and worked in Demark, Canada, Belgium, and Spain. After seven years overseas, it was time to come home, and Jen began her real work in “parent education,” raising her four children, now ages 15-23 years. They have been her constant teachers and inspiration.

What was your proudest moment?
I can’t really recall a proudest moment, and I’m not sure what deep psychological meaning that might hold, but I frequently experience a heart-full, content feeling when spending time with my children and spouse.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?
My favorite pastimes include reading in bed with my cats, dog, and coffee lovingly made by my spouse of 27 years. I also love walking with friends, hosting/attending dance parties, traveling, and visiting my college-aged children in various states.

What are people most surprised to learn about you?
I worked for a modeling agency in Spain. I landed the part of an actress/model in a clip shown at movie theaters throughout Madrid featuring other theater amenities such as the bowling alley, snack shack, and gaming center. When I auditioned, I bowled the first strike of my life, which landed me the role.

Why are you passionate about working at BELONG Partners?
I believe absolutely everything would improve if 2 things could happen:

1) We all grew up in a community that fosters safety, connection, and a sense of purpose.

2) Everyone had the foundation and tools to co-create these conditions for others.

BELONG Partners is committed to a path that supports children and the adults who work with them in taking the essential steps to make my belief a reality.