Mia Williams, EdD

Director, Governance Committee

Dr. Mia Williams serves as the Executive Director of Targeted Strategies and leads the Office of African American Male Achievement (AAMA), which launched in August 2019 which works to be a lever to reconstruct Seattle Public Schools’ educational environment to support the brilliance and excellence of Black boys and teens. In this cabinet-level role, Dr. Williams steers AAMA as it supports the district in intentionally cultivating the cultural and academic strengths of African American male students while simultaneously addressing their needs. With outcomes of Black boys and teens embedded across SPS strategies and goals, there is a strong need for coherence, community leadership and trust. AAMA provides strategic alignment, community partnership, educator development and research, and approaches this work from a framework for systems change, rather than student intervention. By ensuring students furthest away from educational justice thrive, conditions in Seattle Public Schools are improving for all.

Dr. Williams’ work to advance racial and educational justice has been consistently recognized. In 2019, she received the National Education Association Mary Hatwood Futrell Human and Civil Rights Award for her institutional leadership in eliminating barriers for women, creating formal support networks, and helping young women scholars gain access to equitable education opportunities. In 2018, she was recognized as the John Morefield Mentor of the Year by Danforth University of Washington and was named the 2016 Washington State Middle Level Principal of the Year.

Almost three decades as an educator of equity-driven, inquiry and data focused, and innovative strategies, Dr. Williams work, includes serving as principal of Aki Kurose Middle School for 11 years. Dr. Williams was previously the assistant principal at Denny International Middle School and Salmon Bay K-8, and taught at Cleveland High School, John Marshall, Rainier Beach High School, and NOMS (New Options Middle School, now Salmon Bay School) before becoming an administrator.

Dr. Williams attended Central Washington University, where she received her teaching certificate; and the University of Washington, where she earned a M.Ed. of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, principal credentials, and a Doctor of Education degree.