MTSS Process for SEL

Our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Process for Social-Emotional Learning is a game-changing, powerful approach for educators to assess individual student and classroom social-emotional strengths and lagging skills, and then design strategies for educator practice and tailor solutions for individual students.

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MTSS Process for
SEL Screener Tool
Part 1 and Part 2

What is Included

  • Facilitation of a 4-session process (for 2 grade levels) which will increase educator capacity for building SEL skills for the entire community, and for the students who are struggling the most to access learning and community
  • Screener tool: An easy-to-use, two-phased screener that assesses four foundational skills: self-regulation, relationships, communication, and problem-solving. Here’s a quick overview of Part 1 & Part 2.
  • Menu of Tiered SEL Interventions and Supports: A go-to educator reference for specific, culturally appropriate, and trauma-responsive strategies to support student skill development.
  • Small group lessons: I Belong and Matter: Small groups for fostering social skills.” A curriculum which includes 32 small-group lessons designed to be taught by counselors, social workers, or behavior interventionists for students who need Tier 2 support. Includes eight lessons for each foundational skill, letters for families for each lesson, and a materials list for implementation.

Our Unique Approach

  • One-time purchase, no annual fees
  • Strengths-based approach
  • Practical, easy-to-use, SEL-focused
  • Teamwork: Adults and children do better when we learn and work together. We train two grade-level teams so that educators feel supported and less isolated. Ideas generated together in the team honor the lived experience and wisdom of the educators and support staff.
  • Progress Monitoring and Tracking: Results are delivered by regularly evaluating the impact of the planned interventions and adjusting, using easily fillable planning forms and an iterative tracking process.
  • Data-Based Decision Making: Collection and analysis of data are essential for strengthening social skills.
    – Data on class and individual student strengths are used as a resource.
    – Data on lagging skills orients toward which supports will be helpful at Tier 1, 2, and 3.
    – Data on the impact of interventions guides the next steps.

One School’s Story

Two teams of grade-level elementary educators participated in the MTSS Process for SEL along with their support team (school community members who could provide insight and offer help implementing interventions).

At the first meeting, the teams completed the Phase 1 screener for their entire class. Based on those results, each educator chose a Tier 1 intervention strategy for SEL skill building with their entire class. Three weeks later, at the second meeting, teams identified students who needed more support and completed the Phase 2 screener. Then, with the help of the support team, educators implemented Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions. Nine weeks after their first meeting, the educators repeated the Phase 1 screener.

Even in that short time, their assessment revealed significant gains in all four foundational skill areas.

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