Parents & Families Can Show Appreciation for Educators All Year Long

We appreciate educators year-round for all their hard work, and in May, Teacher Appreciation Week gives us a chance to celebrate them and show educators how much we value them! Through COVID-19 scares, virtual teaching, and returning to in-person school, educators have remained nimble and dedicated in serving our students and families. Here are a few ways to celebrate educators:

Write A Card (and Have Your Child Write One, Too!)

A heartfelt card can go a long way toward making educators feel cared for and appreciative. Start your kids off with some sentence stems if they are having a difficult time getting started. Here are a few examples: “Teacher, I love it when you…, You make learning about _____ really fun!, It is really funny when you…”. A few kind words can go farther than an expensive gift, so dig deep and speak from the heart. Here are a few fun prompts for the front of handwritten cards.

Embed Educator Shout Outs into School & Community Communications

Are you part of your schools parent group or PTA/PTSA? Here’s an idea to celebrate educators publicly -ask students and staff to send in educator shout outs, thanking specific educators for something they’ve done. Then, work with your school leaders to embed educator shout outs into morning announcements, or post them on a bulletin board around the school, or include them in your PTA newsletter and social media.


If you’re able, giving your time is an invaluable resource. This time of year, educators might be burnt out and in need of some help. Volunteering a few hours a month could make a huge difference – not only in sharing the workload for administrative tasks or classroom help – but also in letting the educator know you see how hard they are working and want to support them.

Communicate with Your Child’s Teacher Year-round

Teachers work hard to keep parents and guardians updated about their child’s workload, behavior, and development. Something as simple as responding to emails from your child’s teacher with a note of gratitude, a question, or appreciation for them shows them that you appreciate their hard work.  This back-and-forth flow builds relationships and allows teachers to feel seen and heard.

Celebrate Support Staff

School communities reach far beyond the scope of classroom teachers; without janitors, office staff, recess monitors, cafeteria staff, and bus drivers, schools simply could not function. Be sure to write support staff notes of appreciation as well, and to show them respect and appreciation throughout the school year.


Here are 50 more ideas about how to show appreciation for the adults in your child’s school community. While Teacher Appreciation Week happens in May, we encourage parents, students, and families to show appreciation for their educators 365 days a year. We appreciate you, educators!