Database Manager/IT Support

Pase Garrett (he/him) is the database manager and IT admin for BELONG Partners, which means he does everything from programming custom database applications to fixing the office printer. His other duties include data analysis and visualization, server administration, day-to-day tech support, video editing, and anything else that helps support BELONG Partners’ technology needs.

Before joining BELONG Partners, Pase did similar work for the University of Washington, Columbia University, and the Children’s Scholarship Fund. Throughout his career, he has tried to harness his creativity, problem-solving abilities, and love of technology in a way that contributes to increased accessibility and equity in education.

Many years after high school, Pase enrolled in college for a degree in comparative literature from the University of Washington in Tacoma. In terms of computing education, he figures working through SICP and CLRS qualifies him for an honorary computer science designation.

What are people most surprised to learn about you?

I’m finally at a point with my Chinese that I’m reading novels in the original (well, with the help of a dictionary).

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Read too many books at once; make noises with musical instruments; pick up heavy things and set them down again; climb up rock walls without falling too many times; spend time with friends and family, and snuggle with my dogs.

Why are you passionate about working at BELONG Partners?

I truly believe that long-term, systemic change is needed so that every child has the opportunity to learn and belong. I’m drawn to BELONG Partners because we work towards this by building multi-year relationships with schools and we are responsive to and reliant on data to measure outcomes. On a more personal note, my coworkers are some of the most open, thoughtful, and passionate people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.