Roxana Amaral

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Shared leadership team

Roxana Amaral (she/her) has been an educator and community activist in the Pacific Northwest for the past 15 years. She holds a unique educational perspective because of her versatility of roles serving school communities as a case manager, teacher, administrator, community partner, and project and education developer. She has held several leadership roles and has received local and national recognition for her work on college and career readiness and racial equity. Roxana is the first woman president of the Board of Directors for El Centro de La Raza, a non-profit organization in the Seattle Area, committed to social justice. She has been serving in that role for five years.

The last five years of her career prior to starting at BELONG Partners, Roxana worked with the Northwest Carpenters Union’s apprenticeship program and council focusing on curriculum and instruction and staff development for the organization which serves 30,000 working families across six states in the Pacific Northwest.

Roxana joined the BELONG Partners team in 2021. As the Director of Strategic Partnerships she worked closely with Strategic Advisor and Founder, Dr. Jody McVittie, to grow a pilot program into an ongoing and expanding program across the Pacific Northwest. This is an exciting endeavor for Roxana as it helps spread the impact of BELONG Partners to thousands of families in new regions.

Roxana first met Dr. Jody McVittie and was introduced to the work of BELONG Partners (then Sound Discipline) early in her educational career. Instantly, she knew the work was innovative and impactful. At Denny International Middle School, she led the BELONG Partners data team and implementation of whole school model of BELONG Partners initiatives. She credits that experience for her personal and professional success working with children and adults.

What was your proudest moment?
My proudest moment was when our school team at Denny International received the KCTS Pathway to Excellence Award for our commitment to eliminating the opportunity gap. The recognition encompassed over a decade of hard work, strategic planning, care, and compassion that we had serving the Denny International School Community. Students thrived emotionally and academically as a result.

What are people most surprised to learn about you?
I am a wedding officiant and have facilitated approximately 15 weddings. I enjoy each one for its uniqueness and feel honored every time I get to witness families coming together to celebrate love.

Why are you passionate about working at BELONG Partners?
I am passionate about working at BELONG Partners because I get to work with innovative educators making a difference in our society. I learn and grow personally and professionally every day digging into this work.

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