Sartori Elementary Practices Repair and Problem Solving

Our Inspiring Story in November is the staff team from Sartori Elementary School, for the many creative ways they’ve been integrating Positive Discipline into their school practices this fall. In September, they designated their first lab days for Social & Emotional Learning (SEL). Grade level teaching teams explored goals for class meetings, then planned a Positive Discipline lesson focusing on structures, talk moves and questions to help students be sense makers. They tried out their lesson together in two classrooms, with time allotted for the teaching team to reflect after each one. The teamwork and the curiosity of the lab model – If we ask the question like this, what happens? –  is inspiring!

Sartori also hosted a Health and Wellness event in October, where families enjoyed smoothies, tried jump roping, watched a Tae Kwon Do demonstration, and learned about many health-focused resources in their community. Sound Discipline helped students make small keychains with self-regulation picture cards, so students could introduce their families to the self-regulation strategies they’ve been learning at school.

Families were also able to take home a copy of Sartori’s new Problem-Solving and Repair Choices graphics. Sartori is rolling out these school-wide tools this fall, including installing large signs with the strategies on the playground. After all, the playground is the students’ lab for practicing their SEL skills.

Thank you Sartori team, for these creative and inspiring examples of how to incorporate Positive Discipline tools and social emotional learning into professional development, classroom strategies, and community and family engagement events!