Sound Discipline is now BELONG partners

Looking for Sound Discipline? You’re in the right place.

We’ve rethought and realigned our brand to best reflect our existing purpose, vision, approach, and values. For years, we’d heard that the term “discipline” did not capture the spirit of connection and inclusivity that’s at the heart of our work. In response, a team of staff and volunteers carried out a yearlong process to update our brand with input from a variety of community stakeholders.

BELONG Partners is Building Equitable Learning Opportunities and Nurturing Growth.

We continue to be an education equity nonprofit that believes in a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive because they know they matter and belong.

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What can we expect with this name change and new brand?

You can expect a new brand that better represents our work of building equitable learning communities to create a future where everyone thrives because they know they matter and belong. We continue to work in partnership with educators, parents, and caregivers, to transform the ways they educate, parent, and care for youth.

We have an updated website with better access to information about our work, as well as updated newsletter format and new formats and graphics for our program materials and communications and marketing materials.

The content of our work and our commitment to our partners has not changed. Our new brand allows us to better represent who we really are.

What has changed about the organization and people?

BELONG Partners is still the same organization, made up of incredible people on our staff and board. Together we work in pursuit of our vision of a future where everyone thrives because they know they matter and belong.

Is there a change to your programming? An expansion or reduction of programs?

Our programming continues its focus on providing high-quality, engaging, and relevant offerings for educators, childcare providers, youth workers, and other adults who work with children. Our programming went through dramatic shifts during the pandemic. We created online versions of all our training and services. We are back to offering in-person training and support for our partners, and we continue to offer the online options as well. More information is available on our Services page.

How does the new name and brand reflect your organizational values?

Since our founding as Sound Discipline, our values have evolved and grown with us as an organization. They have always reflected our commitment to a vision of the future where everyone thrives because they know they matter and belong. As part of the rebrand process we did revisit our values, and as a team decided on these —

CONNECTION: We are rooted in relationships.

COURAGE: We lead from the heart and challenge the status quo.

LIBERATION: We work together to create a world that works for everyone because our freedom, joy, and struggles are deeply connected.

How did you go about deciding the new brand identity?

In spring 2022 we embarked on a journey around our organization’s identity. For years, we had heard that the word “discipline” did not capture the spirit of connection and inclusivity that is at the heart of our work.

A team of staff and volunteers connected with a variety of community stakeholders to gather input and ideas for the new brand. This process was supported by professional brand and marketing partners. We thoughtfully considered options that aligned with our existing purpose, vision, approach, and values, ensuring transparency along the way. Our new name, BELONG Partners—along with our new logo and organizational language—was then formally approved by our Board.