From Unknown to Expected: Relief

Not knowing what will happen next is stressful. In our families, many times parents/caregivers have a sense of what will be happening next but the children don’t. For children, the fear of the unknown can include everything from a new food, who will or won’t be at the playground, to the divorce of parents.  Children (particularly young children) face change more frequently than the rest of us, as they move from family out into the world, learning and growing.  It’s a necessary but also stressful part of life. Little ones give up bottles, cribs, and pacifiers; school-age children experience new [...]

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Building Better Bedtimes

Contributed by Jody McVittie, MD Do you ever finish putting your children to bed and feel exhausted? You’ve longed for some kind of connection with them at the end of the day – and way too often it feels like you’ve been through some kind of battle? When you think about it from the child’s point of view it can make sense. When he goes to bed it feels like you will be continuing on without him. He might miss something! To make matters worse, sometimes he gets the sense that you are “done” with him and want to “get [...]

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