Here Comes Summer!

Summer is almost upon us. Parents and children look forward to summer and it also creates some stress and anxiety with the shift from the rhythm and routines of the school year. Doing some preparation for this unique part of the year can increase everyone’s fun and decrease stress. It is important for children to have a balance of structured and unstructured time and a balance of active and quiet time.  Spend time at least a little time outside with your children every day. Here are some more ideas: Spend some time now with your children creating a list of [...]

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Beginning the New Year with your Family

January is a great time to help children review routines and focus on the brand new year ahead. It is common, after winter break and less structured environment during vacation, to notice that it is harder to get going and return to the family’s daily rhythm. Re-establishing routines works best when the process is intentional. At your family meeting, talk about which routines are working and which ones are not. Are there some that could be changed to make things easier/more fun for everyone? For example, could bedtimes be extended by 15 minutes, would mornings be easier if children were [...]

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The New Year: Reflecting and Refreshing in the Classroom

The start of a new calendar year is a great time to help students reflect on renewal and hopes for the future. Many teachers find that routines that were quite polished in December seem to need a bit of refreshing in January, as well. You can integrate both of these ideas as you reflect on the past and move forward. In a class meeting, invite students to share: What are some of their favorite memories from the first half of the year? What are some of their hopes and dreams for the second part of the year? These can be [...]

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Family Work: Whose Job is It?

Contributed by Jody McVittie, MD When I grew up everyone in our family had jobs to do. Many of them were centered around our family dinners (setting the table, clearing the table, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor). Other family jobs included feeding pets and taking care of the garbage (this was in the days before recycling.) I don’t remember “loving” these “chores” but I do remember that they were part of what each of us did to contribute to the family. Having children routinely contribute to the family helps them understand what it takes to make things happen in [...]

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The Rhythm of Routines

Simple steps for setting up a routine to make your family's morning or evening run more smoothly

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