Teague Parker


Teague M. Parker (he/him) is proud to be a facilitator with BELONG Partners. Drawn to the thoughtful empowerment of parents & educators of all backgrounds, he cherishes the process of collaborative learning that embraces authenticity and humanity-driven connections.

Holding a BA in Theatre with concentrations in acting and playwriting from Western Washington University, Teague was trained in a variety of performance techniques that he now utilizes as tools for social emotional learning, creating collaborative environments, and promoting wellness amongst communities. Trained through programs such as the Teaching Artist Training laboratory & the Creative Aging Training through ArtsWa, he utilizes anti-racist frameworks, trauma-informed practices, and equity-based lenses in all aspects of his curriculum development and teaching practices.

Outside of BELONG Partners, Teague continues to work in the world of theatre as an actor, playwright, improviser, producer, and freelance teaching artist. He established his teaching career after founding his personal business, Come Up Productions. Teague has developed an original theatre technique, Improv for Wellness, and has served as a teaching artist with Seattle Children’s Theatre, Seattle Rep, and others.

What are people most surprised to learn about you?
That every morning I wake up and write three pages of free writing to greet the day! Nice way to check in with the self and give space for whatever I’m feeling that particular day. Haven’t missed a day for almost two years now!

What drew you to BELONG Partners?
The community of passionate, like-minded individuals is what first caught my eye about BELONG Partners. Here was a space where people saw opportunities in accepting students as they are, and empowering adults with tools so that they may care for their students better while creating space for their truth and feelings as well. The more I learned about this organization, the more I realized that this was a process of love & care, and having spent years attempting to create a similar experience in the art world, I knew this would be a place to find like-minded individuals that I could collaborate, grow, and learn alongside with.

What was your proudest moment?
The inaugural theatre production that my collaborators and I put on for Come Up Productions was a culmination of dreams coming true, friends coming together, and a mission being met. We staged a production of the play, Orange Flower Water by Craig Wright in a living room/bed room that could only fit around twenty people. The thing that landed though is that we didn’t charge for tickets for the performance; we invited audiences to reserve a ticket and see the show as a way to communicate that theatre should be more accessible, and audiences should be celebrated for taking the time to experience live storytelling. People donated after seeing the show based on the fact that they were moved by the performance, and we received tons of feedback of people saying, “I don’t see theatre, but if this is it than I love theatre!” and that was a huge win for us. At the same time, through fundraising events and donations, we were able to pay stipends for the entire artistic team that – though didn’t reflect the amount they deserved – was comparable to what spaces tended to pay their artist while charging for ticket prices. This moment lives in my heart as what it means to bring like minded people together towards a common goal, and actually accomplish it.