Terminal Park Elementary

We Welcome a New Whole School!


Sound Discipline is pleased to announce a new Whole School partnership with Auburn School District’s Terminal Park Elementary.


Terminal Park Elementary in the Auburn School District will be a Sound Discipline Whole School for the 2021-22 school year. Professional development for the entire staff will be the initial focus. Sound Discipline will also work with Terminal Park to facilitate a data team, MTSS consultation and coaching, and to offer parent and caregiver workshops.

In describing why he and his staff have chosen to work with Sound Discipline for the upcoming school year, Principal Mike Weibel said, “Sound Discipline provides us an opportunity to look at our practices and how they create a school and classroom environment where all students and teachers have agency and ownership of the classroom and see themselves as problem-solvers, instead of reacting to problems as they arise.”

Terminal Park Elementary School is Title 1 school in the Auburn School District in Auburn, WA. The school has 37 teachers and serves about 450 students from diverse backgrounds.

Sound Discipline Facilitator, Reid Kuennen, who has been working with Terminal Park staff, says, “After two years of creative, trauma-aware problem-solving with their Data Team, it’s clear that Terminal Park staff are ready to take on the rigorous work of becoming a Sound Discipline Whole School. They are committed to honoring the social-emotional needs of young people and honing their tools for supporting each student to believe they belong and matter.”