Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Jody McVittie

Dr. Jody McVittie In October 2022, former Sound Discipline Board member Kim Clarke hosted a heartfelt celebration of our co-founder, Dr. Jody McVittie. Sound Discipline’s other co-founder, Terry Chadsey, served as master of ceremonies for the wonderful gathering which was filled with love and joy. Some highlights of the event included a staff skit, personalized Board and staff gifts, and a champagne toast to the one and only, Dr. Jody McVittie.   Staff painted individual tiles for this framed art as a personalized gift for Jody. As we embark on our next chapter, please know that [...]

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Shifting from Power-Over to Power-With When Working with Young People

"If I could wave a magic wand, my students would understand how thrilling it can be to take control of their learning. My co-workers would understand how much more of an enriching experience it is for both us and the humans who are our students to buy in to their learning." Sara Wozniak-Randall, 7th grade Pacific Northwest History, Dimmitt Middle School     Sound Discipline's work is about power. Our work invites adults who work with youth to shift from practices based in control and compliance to practices based in shared power. The principles of shared power are basic to our human [...]

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Dimmitt Middle School Core Values: Equity and Community

The article about Redwood Elementary staff sharing their experience shifting to in-person and hybrid learning is here.   Dimmitt Middle School has been a partner of Sound Discipline for over five years, and we are excited to feature them this month as our Sound Discipline Inspiring Story. In a recent Education Week article, Arianna Prothero stated that school leadership's most critical job "is creating a school environment where students feel safe, supported, engaged, and accepted." Dimmitt Middle School has consistently prioritized creating this healthy school environment, and it shines through the entire school community daily.   Dimmitt is hosting a Black History [...]

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Self-Regulation to Grow Engaged Learners

As educated adults we know that to lead a healthy life we should eat fewer fatty foods, exercise regularly and get enough rest…but we don’t always do it!  That’s because we are all continually developing our self-regulation skills.  Your students are the same.  They may know what to do, but lack the self-regulation skills to always act appropriately.  You may have noticed that students who are unable to regulate their thoughts and actions find it difficult to make and keep friends, organize school work, and express feeling in appropriate ways.  Self-regulation is a skill that can be taught and practiced. [...]

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Classroom Jobs

School is finally out and the start of the new school year is a safe distance away. If you are like most teachers, part of your brain will be thinking about what little things you might improve in your classroom next year and those thoughts will be murmuring at you all summer. One of the things that you might want to think about is how to set up classroom jobs in the fall. Students do better when they feel like they are connected and that their contributions matter. It helps them feel capable. Meaningful work in the classroom helps build [...]

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Family Work

What have your children done to contribute to your family this week?  We aren’t talking about making their own beds or cleaning up their own toys, but helping out with the work that all families need to do: setting the table, walking the dog, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom. True, as a parent, sometimes it is just quicker and easier to get the jobs done by yourself. But what is your child learning when you do all of the work? How will he learn the life skills and responsibility he needs to be independent? Your child may know that he is [...]

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Helping Students Become Their Courageous Selves

If your school is one that actively teaches character traits or values we hope courage is on your list. Yet, talking about courage or even reading stories about courage doesn’t always help students be able to use their own courage. Instead of focusing on heroism or bravery, we suggest framing courage as becoming your best self. You can share stories the stories that heroes tell after the event. It is common for them to tell their audience that it “was just the right thing to do.” Ian Grillot, who interrupted the shooting in Kansas City in 2017 is one of [...]

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Helping our Children Grow Courage

Examples of courage are all around us.  We tend to notice only the big events though: a parent lifts a car off the leg of a child, a stranger who jumps into a river to save a drowning person, a teenager who steers a bus to safety when the busdriver passes out at the wheel.  At Sound Discipline we notice that people who do courageous things often don’t feel courageous in the moment. When interviewed they often make comments like, “I just did what I had to do” or, “Anyone would have done the same thing.”  We think courage is [...]

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Creating Family Connections

Children develop an internal sense of who they are from birth. Relationships with others play a pivotal role in building their identity and sense of belonging.  This begins, of course, with primary caregivers and other family members, and then expands to include friends, school and community. Giving children messages of love, respect, and encouragement empowers them to feel that they belong and that they matter.   They then have confidence to voice their views and opinions, to make decisions and to develop the skills they will need in life. Know and support your infant’s natural rhythms (eating, sleeping) and respond to [...]

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