District Partnerships: Getting Started

Getting Started – An Overview

At BELONG Partners, we understand that every school district is unique. That’s why we work with you to co-design an approach that meets you where you are as you move toward a sustainable model.

  1. Meet with us. We’ll introduce your leadership team to the BELONG Partners Approach and share references from school and district leaders who have used our program to transform their learning communities.
  2. Co-develop an initial implementation strategy. Together, we’ll create a stepwise plan intentionally aimed toward sustainability and collaboration.
  3. Plant seeds and invite buy-in. We’ll start with professional development offerings that provide practical tools which staff can use the next day. This helps to grow skill and knowledge while inviting buy-in. It also helps to decrease resistance that often arises from perceived top-down directives.
  4. Take small steps. We will help you establish systems for collecting and using discipline data to improve school climate.
  5. Make it sustainable. We will help you identify and hire a district-wide implementation coach who supports the process over time. BELONG Partners facilitators will work alongside the coach as they build capacity and support schools to sustain the model in your community.
  6. Start small. We recommend starting implementation in 1-3 schools. This provides a model of success for other schools in your district to learn from.
  7. Be strategic. We’ll add schools with intention, strategically developing readiness and increasing trauma informed, culturally affirming, restorative practices throughout your district.
  8. Engage your whole district. As readiness develops and accelerates, we’ll add more schools and engage your whole district in the process.