School Partners

School Partners

Campbell Hill Classified Staff use Data and SEL Strategies to Help with Transitions and Recess

The classified staff of Campbell Hill Elementary, in Renton, WA, works hard every day to be sure that students know they are safe, belong, and matter in the unstructured spaces like the school playground and cafeteria. This team of educators meet monthly to align their practice, continue their learning about social emotional learning and trauma-responsive strategies, and to support building equitable classrooms and communities. One of their best tools is using patterns in discipline data - which helps them to identify system improvements and opportunities to build lagging skills for the adults and/or the kids.   Supporting Transitions from Classroom [...]

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School Discipline Data Points to the Need for Self-Regulation Skills

Terminal Park Elementary School in Auburn, WA is one of our Whole School partners. They have an active Data Team made up of staff who are leading the implementation of Sound Discipline work at their school. Data Teams in our partner schools gather and analyze discipline data – which is documentation of when a student is removed from the classroom or community. They look for patterns in that data and define potential problems that indicate either a systemic issue or lagging skills that need to be developed in adults or young people. The Data Team proposes a solution and works [...]

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Auburn School District’s All-Staff Wellness Day Lays Foundation for a Culture of Care

“SEL is about preparing students and staff for quality instruction, quality learning, and quality interaction, because that’s where we are spending all of our time.” - Assistant Superintendent Rhonda Larson, Family Engagement & Student Success Dept On September 1, Auburn School District provided a day of wellness training for all 2600 of their staff! Thursday, September 1, we were thrilled to spend the ENTIRE day with Auburn School District Staff during their first All-Staff Wellness training day! This district-wide day of wellness and staff training was planned and executed by a collaborative team at the district level. In [...]

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Changing the World, A Classroom at a Time

We've been head down, all of us, chipping away at the tough stuff in front of us for the last few years.  At Sound Discipline's board retreat last week, we stepped back and took a look around at the world that is the context for all of our work in schools: The pandemic Division and suspicion of "the other" Climate impacts like wildfires, storms, and floods Racism Gun violence All of this big stuff is overwhelming and bigger than any one of us. But every day, when students show up in classrooms, the moments matter. Subtle changes make profound differences. [...]

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Centered in Belonging: In-Person & Online Professional Development for Teachers

Sound Discipline launched our hybrid professional development program for educators in August, with a pretty cool piece of tech that enables a great hybrid experience - we call it Rooty Hooty.   Our 'Rooty Hooty' webcam What is Rooty Hooty?  Rooty got its name from the first workshop where it was used -- Rooted Relationships: Growing Equitable Classroom Communities. It’s a Meeting Owl, aka a fancy web cam made by Owl Labs. With a swivel-head, 360-degree camera and microphone, participants can see, hear, and engage easily with one another, even in group discussion.   Making community and connection [...]

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Graduation – Sound Discipline’s Identity and Values

  What is the story of the 2021/2022 school year? Heads nod when I sum it up this way - this was a year like no other. The return to in-person learning as the pandemic raged on meant doing the best we could under constant stress, strain, and uncertainty. Teachers and administrators worked harder than ever. Community partners showed up in creative and responsive ways. Families leaned in to support their school communities.   Our students showed the effects of isolation and disconnection. The situation revealed what we’ve said through the years, but perhaps never really gotten to feel quite [...]

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Orcas in the C’s at Lakeridge Elementary

Lakeridge Elementary 1st grade Orcas who participate in the 'Orcas in the Cs' program. For so many schools, it has been a tumultuous two years from school-on-a-screen to in-person learning. This is definitely the case for Lakeridge Elementary in the Renton (Washington) School District. For new 1st graders, school was in constant transition. Starting kindergarten on Zoom, they learned what it meant to be part of a classroom community through a screen. Later, when welcomed back into the school building as 1st graders for the first time in the fall of 2021, they began learning how to be part [...]

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Specialists Find Special Time with Students

Auburn Elementary School Librarian Chris Williams. Imagine you’re a librarian at an elementary school. You have the unique opportunity of getting to interact with EVERY student in your school community and hopefully instill in them a lifelong love of reading. Cool, right? Here’s the catch: unlike a classroom educator, your time with students is limited and spread out. So, how do you develop those deeper relationships that support students to engage in learning?   The challenge of not enough time The Specialist staff at Terminal Park Elementary in Auburn, Washington were feeling this struggle of not having enough [...]

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